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Cabin Air Filters

servicing your cabin air filter

Cabin air filters are used to clean incoming air for the car's HVAC system. Introduced in European vehicles, cabin air filters are now becoming common on more domestic and Asian makes and models. To date, approximately 40% of cars have cabin air filters, but the number grows each year. The cabin air filter helps trap pollen, bacteria, dust, and exhaust gases that may find their way into a vehicle's ventilation system, making the interior of the car a healthier place. Cabin air filters should be replaced according to owners' manual guidelines, usually every 15,000 miles.

Headlight and Taillight Replacement Service

headlight replacement

We can supply and replace most halogen bulbs and sealed units for older cars. All other driving lights are carried in our inventory. Be safe, be seen at night!

Wiper Blade Replacement Service

windshiled wiper replacement

Are your windshield wipers streaking or smearing? It's time to replace them. We have a large variety to fit your car and to allow you to continue to drive safely with the clear vision you need in the rain.

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